What this website is all about.

The contents of this site consists of pictures, websites, and text (the text being updates, instructions, and explanations).

There are links to all the pictures I have as well as to portfolio worthy pictures I personally have taken and to galleries
of specific types of pictures taken either by myself or by others.

Below,under the "LINKS" heading, find link categories of "All Links" (self explanatory),"Portfolio" (specific pictures I have taken),
"Galleries" (specific pictures taken either by myself or by others and divided into further categories.), and "Websites" which
offer sites worthy of exploring.

Who I Am

A 72 year old retired Industrial Engineer. My hobbies are Computers and Photography. Hopefully I have sucessfully combined them in this website.


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More about this site

This site is under constant revision. Pictures and links to other websites are often added.